Marketing & Social Media

I worked in CLOV prepress for 18 years and then retired to be home
for our kids teen years. I am back now in this marketing/ social media
position and love it!

I’ve been called a coffee addict, I prefer connoisseur. They know me
quite well at a Cuban coffee shack in Key West!

My main hobby is fishing! LOVE to fish and spend quite a few hours
on Lake Champlain during the Spring, Summer & Fall fishing for everything! Got a Rebel XL boat for my birthday last year, it’s called “Double Nickels”
… you do the math 🙂

I strongly dislike cold weather and that means anything colder than my age!

We raised two awesome and very independent kids
and are “Empty Nesters” now. We have 2 dogs that some might say
I talk to a lot while I’m working from home. I do know this,
when they wink at me, I always wink back, in case it’s some sort of code!