Prepress Manager

I’m a native Vermonter born in Colchester and have lived in the Burlington area for 25 and a half out of my 26 years. Outside of the shop I enjoy dabbling in a little bit of everything but playing guitar and bass, disc golfing, skateboarding & snowboarding, kayaking, fishing, fantasy video games and novels, collaging, and printmaking are some of my favorite things to do.

I grew up playing hockey from about the time I could walk through high school and miss it dearly. I’m very happy about the Washington Capitals winning their first Stanley Cup!

I spent the summer of 2015 in Washington D.C. working in Bernie Sanders’ press office as an intern. It was an interesting look behind the scenes, especially during the height of the primary race.

My current Dungeons and Dragons character is Cole, a Human Fighter who is convinced he can speak with animals (but can’t in the slightest) and wields a giant glaive.

I’m working on building up my vinyl collection. Two of my more recent scores were “Fragile” by Yes and an EP by one of my favorite bands – Invalids – called “Fulfillment”.