Thermal Printers

Thermal Printing and Thermal Printer Packages

Thermal Printers are for those with the need to print variable information, such as sell-by dates, net weights, price information, UPC barcodes, etc. on either blank or pre-printed labels, thermal printing offers an effective alternative to costs associated with printing plates and plate changes. In addition, it allows you to purchase larger quantities of “generic” labels at lower costs, while allowing you to print labels on demand. The cost of printing variable information using this technology averages .005 cents per label.

Creative Labels of Vermont offers complete printer packages to meet the needs of each individual customer. User friendly label design software is bundled with many printers sold. For those with very specific needs, printers, accessories, supplies, and label design software can be sold separately.

In addition to the printers themselves, Creative Labels of Vermont provides technical support. We recently partnered with Cab Technologies out of Massachusetts, who offer several different printer models. We are, however, familiar with many different printer models, and can arrange for printer repair at an authorized service center. For those not quite ready for their own thermal printer, we offer in-house thermal printing at reasonable prices.

Please give us a call to determine whether thermal printing is a fit for you. We will be happy to discuss your application as well as provide you with a printer proposal or perhaps set up a printer demo if desired.

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