Digital Printing

  Digital Printing

The Digital printing solution at Creative Labels of Vermont is a two-part system consisting of a high quality ink jet printer and an image cutter capable of cutting virtually any shape you can conceive.

The printer is a state of the art photo-quality system producing incredibly sharp images with outstanding color fidelity.

What does that mean to our customers?

Consider the following:

*Short run high quality labels or other printed matter
*High resolution Quality
*Special Die Cuts, WITH NO DIE CHARGES
*In fact, NO DIE CHARGES at all for this service
*Simplified Digital Printing
*Laminated protective coating
*Delivered on a roll, for hand or automatic application.
*Economical pricing to fit your budget

The possibilities are endless!

Consider the possibilities for test marketing, personalized branding, special market products, basic short runs with special effects, and quick




*Can support almost any file format.
*Sheet-to-sheet or roll-to-roll printing capability.
*Unlimited number of colors.
*Printing plates are not required, thus no plate charges.
*Cut virtually any shape without the need for die cutting tools.
*Outstanding image registration.
*Consistent color reproduction.
*Sequentially numbered labels.
*Random, variable color imagery.
*Inks are scratch resistant, durable, with 100 year light fast rating.
*Maximum sheet size is 17” x 22” for posters.
*Maximum roll size is 17” x 200’ for banners.

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