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Charity Thank You notes

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child
Last Christmas, nearly 1.12 million children from 14 countries across the world received a special shoe box gift thanks to the commitment of supporters and volunteers across the U.K. This is more than just an impressive statistic – it is reality that each of those children will have been filled with joy at receiving a gift to love sent by children and adults that you encouraged to get involved.

The Light Radio VT

The Light Radio

The primary objective of this corporation shall be the exhalation and glory of God though the proclamation of Gospel and Jesus Christ to the lost, and the instruction and edification of believers in the whole counsel of the Word of God. This organization shall endeavor to maintain a balance between the instruction, defense, and propagation of the Faith of God’s Word.

Women Helping Battered Women

Women Helping Battered Women
Women Helping Battered Women (WHBW) has evolved into the largest service provider for abused men and women in Vermont. We believe that all adults and children have the right to live without fear of abuse – sexual, physical, emotional, or financial.

Jaars Nonprofit Organization

We’re a nonprofit that provides technical support services—such as aviation, information technology,
and media—to advance Bible translation and literacy programs worldwide.

Kids On The Block non-profit organization

Kids On The Block
In Education (PiE) is a non-profit organization, active in Vermont since 1982. PiE consists of a very special troupe of puppets who teach children about disabilities, cultural diversity, children’s mental health, social and safety issues, substance abuse, healthy bodies and AIDS.

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