The Warning Signs

By Kristen M. Hoefel

CLOV Executive Assistant

It may be hard to admit, but warning labels are becoming one of the most important items you can put on your product. A simple phrase on your label can save you from a costly law suit down the road!
In these times consumers can sue for just about anything. Getting burned after spilling HOT coffee on your lap is now reason for a hefty settlement.There is a fine line between necessary warning labels and excessive ones. It seems that more and more companies are crossing the line to excessive in an effort to protect themselves from any possibility of legal action. With these seemingly obvious warnings one is left to ask themselves if common sense is just a thing of the past. It would appear that money is becoming more important than safety all together.

Below is a string of samples to give you a laugh and leave you wondering why exactly they may be necessary:

Okay, okay! I’ll be the first to admit that this warning label may fall into the “necessary” category. Imagine you have been in a meeting for an hour or so and have to skip your lunch break to get some work done, where do you go? To the vending machines! It’s 2pm and you haven’t had a bite to eat since breakfast, all you want is that ONE bag of chips. You make your selection and OH NO, it’s stuck! Instinct kicks in and you start rocking that machine like there’s no tomorrow. You just wanted that one bag! How could the machine keep this delight just out of your reach?
Next time, think twice before rocking the machine!



Picking out a shirt to wear in the morning can be quite the task. It has to match the rest of your outfit, and needs to fit just right. Nothing is worse then finding the PERFECT shirt only to see wrinkles everywhere. So naturally, ones first thought is to pull the iron out and get rid of the creases, right? Why bother with the hassle of taking the shirt off first, it’s just more efficient to iron in place!



Is there a tree in your yard posing a hazard that you need to cut down? Grab that trusty chainsaw your father gave you for the holidays and get to work! However, before you start, you should ensure the chainsaw is working properly. To do so, start the chainsaw and grab the end WITH the chains to be 100% certain you will be able to cut through that pesky tree.
Make sure you have your doctor’s number handy!




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