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New Vermont GMO Labeling Rule goes into effect July 1, 2016


As you probably know, the new Vermont GMO Labeling Rule goes into effect July 1, 2016. For information about the law, including frequently asked questions, please click on this  link from the Vermont Attorney General’s Office documents offering guidance on complying with the new law.


We can help you with any necessary adjustments to your current labels to bring them into compliance with the upcoming rule changes. Our new Digital technology will help ease the transition by eliminating the need to purchase new printing plates for changes to art and/or copy.

In addition, we have a ready supply of generic labels that offer a more temporary solution.

Please call or email for additional information.

Thank you,

Creative Labels of Vermont Customer Service Team

Internet shopping & Label Customers…

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I am considering starting my own support group for internet shoppers anonymous (if it doesn’t already exist) I have an Amazon Prime membership and am not afraid to use it especially since my boyfriend’s debit card is also attached to it. Ok, ok, I haven’t used his card for any impulse purchases only household stuff we need but its there and sort of makes me happy… Ok I digress; I love to shop on the internet, it gives me time to really consider my purchases, there’s no one there asking me if I need assistance and I can put something in my cart or save it for later even if “later” is 3 days or 3 weeks from now.

Internet shopping

Last week while I was shopping around on Amazon, I came across two of our customers who sell their product there. I’m sure there are probably more, but these two stood out to me because they are customers who are lucky enough to have their label orders entered by me, Hidden Springs Maple and Bascom Maple. And as you can imagine they sell maple syrup, delicious maple syrup that goes well on a number of you guessed it, foods.

I was pretty tickled when I saw them on there because it really does make me proud as a small town Vermonter to see products that we as a small Vermont company make something for. Vermont sometimes has a tendency to be its own small little world and can be insulated from the rest of the country and our attitude can be that things here are “ours” so stay away, it probably has to do with no one wanting Vermont and us being a Republic for so long. We remember all those questions of ‘what state is Vermont in’ collectively as Vermonters.

For my Facebook push of the week, go and check out Pioneer Bean Company’s page and see their video of labels going onto their jars. The labels are ones we printed on our HP digital press and were the first order they’ve done with us. It made me a little excited last night while I waited for the new Muppets show to start, I love that they love the labels and that I finally got to see something I had a part in go onto a product that I enjoy. Also go and check out Vermont Farmstead Cheese’s page because they are advertising their new Shipyard Brewing Pumpkinhead ale Cheddar, and yup the labels are from us! I certainly know what I will be adding to my cheese drawer come October 1st!

September has been a big month anniversary wise here at CLOV; we have been lucky enough to have Oakley, one of our press operators and rewinders here for a year (Sept 8). Michelle, one of our fabulous Customer Service reps and one of the persons I get to share an office with (Sept 22) that as a reward for putting up with a year of Candy I purchased a delicious lunch of Pho Dang yesterday. And our one and only Lee LaChance who will be celebrating 19 years here at CLOV on Friday; Lee is our General Manager, label guru, estimating wiz and all around great help and calming force. Can you imagine being stuck in a relatively small office with a bunch of women for that long? I can’t and I AM a woman.

Have a great week and if you can, buy local!

As always once you are done checking out our website clov.com and Facebook page Creative Labels of Vermont make sure you check out the Facebook pages of some of our awesome customers and go and visit them!

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Following Our Customers on Social Media

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I enjoy Facebook and I am trying to get into Twitter and Instagram more, but to be honest I have gotten so used to having seemingly everything right there in one program its hard to move onto or check out other formats. Plus in Facebook I can ramble on to my hearts content when I happen to post something other than a recipe I may want for later or a cat picture or video.

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I try to follow as many Creative Labels customers on all 3 of those forums as much as I can whether I am the account manager for that customer or not, because I love seeing what they’re are up to as well as the pictures they post of our labels on their products. Because, to be honest, I am a little vain and I like to see how good we look together. And if I can get a heads up on whatever festival or party a customer may be having and maybe get in line early for tickets, I am all for it.

I was perusing Facebook this weekend and was happily surprised to learn how much 14th Star Brewing gives back to their community. Just this weekend they hosted a Brews for Rescues event on Saturday with all the proceeds going to Franklin Country Animal Rescue and last week they offered coupons for a free pint to anyone who brought in new school supplies that were then given out at the brewery for anyone who needed them Sunday and then again today because they still have some school supplies left.  It’s these kinds of things that our customers do that put a lump in my throat when I see them. I love how our customers help out the community, I love how it epitomizes the Vermont way of life and belief in helping out your neighbor when they need it, whether it be by using your tractor to help drag your car out of the ditch or snow drift when its stuck or by asking for school supply donations to help make going back to school a little easier for a child who probably doesn’t have a whole lot.

Make sure you check out 14th Star on Facebook to see what else they are doing at the brewery whether it is for a benefit or not because their beer is PHENOMENAL and they do a lot of great work for the community.

Also, I am super psyched to report that I have my tickets for the 3rd annual Vermont Farmstead Cheese Mac and Cheese Festival! I cannot wait to go and sample copious amounts of two of my favorite things cheese and pasta! All the proceeds go to local charities to help feed needy Vermonters and it’s at a beautiful location and you cannot beat the food! I’m sure its going to be a HUGE turnout and if you see me there please stop and say hi and if I look like I am in a cheese coma, just give me a couple minutes to rally and get back in there for more!




And of course Creative Labels of Vermont at https://www.facebook.com/CreativeLabelsofVermont?fref=ts or http://www.clov.com/

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Musings with Candy #3

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The rain. It seems to never want to stop. I am not complaining mind you because I would much rather have it rain than snow, plus I made an promise to myself (ok, I begged and pleaded with nature) to not complain about the summer weather no matter what it was as long as winter ended; but it would be nice to come to work every once in a while and not look like a drowned rat (I ride a bicycle). The only good thing about the rain and mild temperatures (aside from it not being snow) that I can say is that it hasn’t been as awful in the warehouse so far this summer as it was last year. You see our press operators, rewinders and shipping personnel work hard to make sure our customers labels are done correctly and on time no matter what the weather outside is, or how it affects the comfort level in the warehouse. In the summer they sweat, drink lots of water and eat popsicles to stay hydrated and in the winter they put on a hoodie if it happens to be a little cooler in the warehouse, whatever it takes to get the job done. That’s the kind of dedication you can expect from us; through sweltering heat, rain, or freezing conditions we will get your labels done and out the door to you; sort of like the post office but we don’t have uniforms.

This weekend I will be attending the 2015 Harpoon Championships of New England BBQ at Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, VT. I am beyond excited, because as you may have realized, I love food. Harpoon is unfortunately not one of our customers (yet) but I am ever the optimist so I hold out hope that someday we will make something that graces their bottles or kegs or anything else for that matter. I am hoping to also have the opportunity while we are down there to stop into one of our customers, Silo Brewery (American Crafted Spirits) and touring their facility and just checking in to see them if only to see our labels on their bottles, because they are pretty sweet. It’s also handy because Vermont Farmstead Cheese is also right there and I might see about sneaking down there so I can get some of my one true love, cheese.

As always I encourage you to check out any food festivals that are going on in your area because they can be pretty awesome and a lot of the time you stumble upon something you can’t live without after trying. And if you are stumbling around the internet make sure to check out:

Harpoon Brewery at https://www.facebook.com/TheHarpoonBrewery or http://www.harpoonbrewery.com/

Vermont Farmstead Cheese at http://vermontfarmstead.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/VermontFarmsteadCheeseCo?fref=ts

American Crafted Spirits at https://www.facebook.com/SILOdistillery?fref=ts or http://www.silodistillery.com/

And of course Creative Labels of Vermont at https://www.facebook.com/CreativeLabelsofVermont?fref=ts or http://www.clov.com/

And don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Page: https://www.youtube.com/user/CreativeLabelsofVT/featured