VT is also known for some of the best beers

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So because I love social media and because I am always on the look out for stories about our customers I was pleasantly surprised (but not shocked) when this little tid bit of a story came across my Facebook feed last night

Vt. brews named among world’s best beers


As I have mentioned before I get a great amount of pleasure and native pride when Vermont businesses are recognized for what they do on a National level but when they are recognized on an International stage that is whole other story! When I was a kid all I remember Vermont being known for was maple syrup and skiing but now we are known for the nectar of the God’s BEER! Finally, I might be able to go to the Southern US and when asked where I am from not be asked ‘where in New York is Vermont?’!

Creative Labels is lucky enough to make labels, keg rings and just about any other thing you can put on a can, bottle, keg or growler for several of the best beer makers in Vermont; not only do we have the pleasure of producing keg rings for our news story above Hill Farmstead Brewery, but we also work with 14th Star Brewery, Lost Nation, Otter Creek Brewery, Stone Corral, Crop Bistro, Trapp Family Lodge, Kingdom Brewing, Magic Hat and many more that I cant think of off the top of my head and it only makes sense to me that some of the best brewers in Vermont work with the best label producer in Vermont!

Now that I have covered one of my favorite types of beverages let me subtly move towards one of my favorite foods and festivals being held coincidentally at one of my favorite breweries, the Vermont Farmstead Cheese’s Mac and Cheese Challenge! Please if you want to sample delicious comfort food, support a GREAT cause and have some excellent beer in a beautiful location, come to Windsor on Sunday and have some mac and cheese! And if you do come and see a tall red headed man carrying out a short brown haired girl who looks like she has succumbed to an over indulgence of cheese, clutching a 3rd annual Vermont Farmstead Cheese Mac and cheese Challenge t-shirt, that will be me! So come over and say hi and I will tell you about Creative Labels, why you should do business with us and I will try to get you to laugh as my boyfriend drags me away from the tent as I try to go back in for more samples! I wonder what you do for a cheese hangover? I guess we will find out on Monday when I come in for work!

As always once you are done checking out our website clov.com and Facebook page Creative Labels of Vermont make sure you check out the Facebook pages of some of our awesome customers and go and visit them!









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