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I enjoy Facebook and I am trying to get into Twitter and Instagram more, but to be honest I have gotten so used to having seemingly everything right there in one program its hard to move onto or check out other formats. Plus in Facebook I can ramble on to my hearts content when I happen to post something other than a recipe I may want for later or a cat picture or video.

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I try to follow as many Creative Labels customers on all 3 of those forums as much as I can whether I am the account manager for that customer or not, because I love seeing what they’re are up to as well as the pictures they post of our labels on their products. Because, to be honest, I am a little vain and I like to see how good we look together. And if I can get a heads up on whatever festival or party a customer may be having and maybe get in line early for tickets, I am all for it.

I was perusing Facebook this weekend and was happily surprised to learn how much 14th Star Brewing gives back to their community. Just this weekend they hosted a Brews for Rescues event on Saturday with all the proceeds going to Franklin Country Animal Rescue and last week they offered coupons for a free pint to anyone who brought in new school supplies that were then given out at the brewery for anyone who needed them Sunday and then again today because they still have some school supplies left.  It’s these kinds of things that our customers do that put a lump in my throat when I see them. I love how our customers help out the community, I love how it epitomizes the Vermont way of life and belief in helping out your neighbor when they need it, whether it be by using your tractor to help drag your car out of the ditch or snow drift when its stuck or by asking for school supply donations to help make going back to school a little easier for a child who probably doesn’t have a whole lot.

Make sure you check out 14th Star on Facebook to see what else they are doing at the brewery whether it is for a benefit or not because their beer is PHENOMENAL and they do a lot of great work for the community.

Also, I am super psyched to report that I have my tickets for the 3rd annual Vermont Farmstead Cheese Mac and Cheese Festival! I cannot wait to go and sample copious amounts of two of my favorite things cheese and pasta! All the proceeds go to local charities to help feed needy Vermonters and it’s at a beautiful location and you cannot beat the food! I’m sure its going to be a HUGE turnout and if you see me there please stop and say hi and if I look like I am in a cheese coma, just give me a couple minutes to rally and get back in there for more!

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