Musings with Candy #3

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The rain. It seems to never want to stop. I am not complaining mind you because I would much rather have it rain than snow, plus I made an promise to myself (ok, I begged and pleaded with nature) to not complain about the summer weather no matter what it was as long as winter ended; but it would be nice to come to work every once in a while and not look like a drowned rat (I ride a bicycle). The only good thing about the rain and mild temperatures (aside from it not being snow) that I can say is that it hasn’t been as awful in the warehouse so far this summer as it was last year. You see our press operators, rewinders and shipping personnel work hard to make sure our customers labels are done correctly and on time no matter what the weather outside is, or how it affects the comfort level in the warehouse. In the summer they sweat, drink lots of water and eat popsicles to stay hydrated and in the winter they put on a hoodie if it happens to be a little cooler in the warehouse, whatever it takes to get the job done. That’s the kind of dedication you can expect from us; through sweltering heat, rain, or freezing conditions we will get your labels done and out the door to you; sort of like the post office but we don’t have uniforms.

This weekend I will be attending the 2015 Harpoon Championships of New England BBQ at Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, VT. I am beyond excited, because as you may have realized, I love food. Harpoon is unfortunately not one of our customers (yet) but I am ever the optimist so I hold out hope that someday we will make something that graces their bottles or kegs or anything else for that matter. I am hoping to also have the opportunity while we are down there to stop into one of our customers, Silo Brewery (American Crafted Spirits) and touring their facility and just checking in to see them if only to see our labels on their bottles, because they are pretty sweet. It’s also handy because Vermont Farmstead Cheese is also right there and I might see about sneaking down there so I can get some of my one true love, cheese.

As always I encourage you to check out any food festivals that are going on in your area because they can be pretty awesome and a lot of the time you stumble upon something you can’t live without after trying. And if you are stumbling around the internet make sure to check out:

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Monument Farms Celebrates 85th anniversary

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I am not a milk drinker, never have and most likely never will. I love it in my mac and cheese and mashed potatoes but if I am going to have a glass of something cold in the morning or with dinner it’s most likely going to be Diet Coke. My family are milk devotees, when I was in high school at any point during the week there could be 2 to 3 gallons of milk in the refrigerator and the label on that milk always said Monument Farms. What I am is proud of my associations and proud of real made in Vermont products and Monument Farms hits both of those pride buttons for me.

Monument Farms

Monument Farms is celebrating their 85th anniversary this weekend with a big party down in Weybridge Vermont.

 85 years is an amazing amount of time to be in business and not just doing business, doing good or great business. People are devoted to the milk these people produce, and I am not just talking about the Steadman’s of Monkton Vermont, but countless other people all over Vermont but across the country. If you Google Monument Farms and you come across their review page only one is bad and the guy sounds like a moron who is just being mean for the sake of being mean and gets OWNED by the farm when they break down his complaints with TRUTH. If you go to their Facebook page, like I did a couple weeks ago, you see a “complaint” but it’s about the new jugs they put the milk in. The bottom line is that you would be hard pressed to find an actual, verifiable, complaint about Monument Farms milk.

One of the reasons I am so proud of the relationship between Creative Labels of Vermont and Monument Farms is the fact that Monument Farms is such a Vermont institution; it’s a true Vermont company, locally owned and operated by Vermonters. I feel that there can be such a rush out of working with or for a company that takes pride in producing a sought after product, I know I puff my chest out a little bit when someone tells me a label we’ve produced looks great or they’re happy with the performance, its an awesome feeling and I am sure its one that Monument Farms has felt and heard for all of their 85 years.

So, if you are in Addison County this weekend and are thinking about taking a tour of Weybridge make sure you stop by the Monument Farms Dairy and take in the sights and sounds of a true Vermont Dairy and celebrate 85 years of producing a product that not only they can and should be proud of, but one Vermont is proud of and that we here at Creative Labels of Vermont is proud to be associated with.

Or if you can’t make it to Addison County please stop on by their Facebook page at:

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Creative Musings with Candy

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Inaugural blog post = exciting! For me because I will be writing about the exciting world of labels and my favorite thing of all time the foods they go on. And exciting for you because you will get to enjoy my musings and get a glimpse into my hilarity. Of course we here at Creative Labels of Vermont produce labels for all sorts of other things beside food but since it’s my first blog post, I am going to write about something I like the best. FOOD.

Butter. Its one of my favorite food groups, aside from cheese and Diet Coke. Yes, you read that correctly; butter, cheese and Diet Coke have their own food groups (at least in my slightly a skewed world). And recently one of our favorite customers Vermont Creamery, (who produce products that fall into two of my food groups) won a prestigious SOFI award at the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Show in NYC this past June for their Cultured Butter basket. Let me just say that their butter is DELICIOUS. When I had their butter for the first time all I could think of was the Mike Myers Coffee Talk skit from SNL where he and Madonna were talking about Barbara Streisand being like “buttah”, wonderfully, deliciously, creamy and what you’d imagine heaven tasting like. I cannot be prouder of their accomplishment, both as someone who gets to brag EVERYTIME I am in the grocery store that we here at CLOV make their labels but as a born and raised Vermonter. I find it absolutely wonderful when a Vermont company is recognized for what they make, and shows the world that Vermont is more than just delicious maple syrup. Congratulations Vermont Creamery, keep up the excellent work!

VT creamery Sofi winner

Please be sure that you check out Vermont Creamery’s Facebook page at and their website and while you are on the interwebs please be sure to check out our Facebook page at

Until next time blog readers!

And The Winner Is….

Raffle Winner

Congratulations to Sherry Winnie of “Sherry’s of Vermont” Our winner of the HP Slate Tablet – Open House gift!

Sherry’s trail mix  products are brand new to the marketplace and we wish her the best of luck! She brought some of her product to the open house and they went very fast! I did manage to grab one and try it and now I know why they disappeared – Very tasty :)

CLOV Open House A Great Success!

Thank-you    We would like to Thank everyone who attended our Open House and made it a wonderful success! We had many visitors, customers and potential customers take a tour of our plant throughout the day.

One of the things that surprised people who took the tour was that we are an “All In House Operation”

Yes, Creative Labels of Vermont is ALL in house, From start to finish. From the time you place your order, Our team works with you through the various stages including our prepress art department, printing your labels on either our Flexographic or digital presses, rewinding your labels on our state of the art inspection stations and finally packed in our shipping department.

If you missed the open house and would like to take a tour of our plant, just give us a call and schedule a time with one of our customer service representatives.

Flexographic Press Operator – Employment Opportunity


We are looking for an experienced Flexographic Press Operator for our Growing, well established high quality custom label printing company.

• Applicants must be able to set up, operate, monitor, and run up to eight colors on various (primarily Webtron) narrow web flexographic presses. Familiarity with support equipment and mechanical background a plus.

• Candidate must be capable of achieving standards for excellence while meeting production schedules, and is expected to follow work instructions and quality procedures. Ability to read and understand measuring tools (rulers, densitometers, scales, video inspection units, etc.), differentiate colors, and create/complete accurate documentation associated with production and quality control is required.

Preferred: 1 to 3 years increasingly responsible experience in operating Flexographic Printing Presses.

• Candidate must be a team player, capable of communicating clearly (both orally and written) with other team players and departments in an ongoing effort to streamline and improve company processes.

• Good troubleshooting and organizational skills, self-motivation, solid work history, dependability, and initiative are strongly desired.

Please respond to President: Dwane with resume attached for consideration.